local understanding

Dotpro has extensive knowledge of local working practices as well as the relevant standards of performance and technical competence required for the safe and efficient delivery of projects for our clients.

Our business activities are conducted in a practicable manner and are to the highest corporate values possible.

Vision & Mission


To become a leading and sustainable Africa specialist technical and project services provider
(adding value to our clients’ businesses)


DOTPRO’s mission is to deliver outstanding and appropriate African and world class solutions to the performance, life and integrity of our clients’ existing and proposed capital assets


We encourage our values to be shared and promoted by our clients, our personnel and our suppliers to enable improvements in our continents business environment. Thus;
   * Honesty, fairness, trustworthy, professional excellence, protection of health, safety, and the environment,
      as well as social responsibility are core values at DOTPRO.
   * We strive to achieve the highest level of satisfaction for all our partners and, in particular,
      for our clients, shareholders and our workforce.

Built on the know-how and expertise of our teams, we endeavor to conduct our business in line with the principles of sustainable development. We value the environment and are aware of the potential impact that our work may have on it.