With offices in London and Aberdeen (North Sea), we leverage world-class knowledge, services and products, to deliver significant added value to our clients in the oil and gas, renewable, energy and water industries.

We strive to be an employer of choice in the provision of integrity management and materials engineering, with specialist services in corrosion, material selection, coatings, cathodic protection, welding and through life asset management (from concept to decommissioning).


To become a leading and sustainable specialist technical and project services provider (adding value to our clients’ businesses)


DOTPRO’s mission is to deliver outstanding and appropriate world class solutions to the performance, life and integrity of our clients’ existing and proposed capital assets.


We encourage our values to be shared and promoted by our clients, our personnel and our suppliers to enable improvements in our continents business environment.

As a client, you benefit from our truly multi-disciplinary team.

We are a team of qualified and chartered engineers with skills in corrosion, metallurgy, welding , pipeline and coating based in the United Kingdom. Depending on your needs, we can work independently or as part of a multi-discipline team within your premises or on-site at construction, fabrication or maintenance projects. We can respond quickly and fit in with your schedule.